JMU Basketball Down But Not Out; Football Expansion and 2008 Tickets


Since I last updated, JMU actually hasn’t won a game. That would be four in a row for those keeping score. While I’m not counting the Dukes out since the CAA Tourney is always a toss up, we aren’t beating a D III school the way we’re playing. Losing at ODU and home to Mason is excusable but definitely not losing at home to Delaware and at Towson. For a season that started so promising, it has really gone down the tubes quickly. Hopefully we can find some motivation tonight against W&M and split that series. Not to keep adding on to the great news department but we have Mason in Fairfax this Saturday.



 In more heartening areas, there is football news from Harrisonburg. Our stadium is expanding and we hope by 2011 to have the biggest complex in I-AA. Check out details here.  Pretty impressive I must say. It’ll be nice to finally go to a JMU football game and not have it feel like I’m in high school again.

Also for you Dukes fans out there, make sure and mark your calendars because football tickets go on sale March 1st. They’re currently offering gift certificates for discounts on season ticket packages so if you’re looking for a nice birthday gift or gesture, it’s always a great option. This site will keep you up to speed as the date gets closer. The Dukes have a great home schedule this year with contests against three time defending champs Appalachian State, UMass, and a homecoming bout versus Delaware along with an opening trip to Durham, NC to take on Duke. That’s three 2007 playoff teams in our house this year! Let’s sell those tickets out ASAP and give the Dukes the much needed home field advantage!


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