Mickey Signs 3 Year Extension; Keener Out; Football Tickets On Sale Soon

It’s great to see all the football headlines coming back to all the college websites. With the NFL combine all but behind us, that means college pro days are next then the draft! But first things first JMU fans. Our fearless leader Mickey Matthews has signed a three year contract extension to remain at Madison through the 2012 season. Here is the article from JMUsports.com. I’m glad Matthews is back since we have such a rough schedule next year. Hopefully we won’t see anymore foolish play calling and decision making in the playoffs anymore though.

In basketball news, coach Dean Keener has announced that he will resign his post effective at the end of this season. Here’s an article about the resignation and if it affected the team’s performance last Saturday courtesy of JMU’s newspaper. Keener had a really tough job rebuilding a poor team but a 29-83 record won’t get you far anywhere and I think it was for the best that both sides part ways.

Also, for all you Dukes fans and anyone else who’s a season ticket holder for your respective school, football tickets go on sale March 1st. That is this Saturday believe it or not. I am assuming that ticket sales dates are similar throughout the country so this is a reminder to anyone who happens upon this site. Specifically for JMU though, make sure and decide if you are going to purchase season tickets, individual or the three game pack that is in its second year of existence and was a popular pick last year. I personally will be choosing it again as I cannot make it to every game due to my distance from the school but the rule on it is that you choose two regular games and then either the family weekend or homecoming game. My guess is a popular three pack will be UMass, App State and Delaware (Homecoming). That’s what I’m doing at least. The website for future reference is here.

UPDATE: I actually went with the season ticket package because it’s cheaper than trying to get the 3 team deal with UMass, App and Delaware. 65 bucks is all for the whole season, just crazy!


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