2008 NCAA Tournament Predictions

The tournament is upon us which means I will be completely original and send out my picks for what they’re worth. If you don’t agree with me, you’re risking a lot.
1st Round
UNC over The Mount; Indiana over Arkansas; Notre Dame over George Mason; Washington State over Winthrop; St. Joe’s over Oklahoma; Louisville over Boise State; Butler over South Alabama; Tennessee over American
Kansas over Portland State; UNLV over Kent State; Clemson over Villanova; Siena over Vanderbilt; USC over Kansas State; Wisconsin over Cal State Fullerton; Davidson over Gonzaga; Georgetown over UMBC
Memphis over TX Arlington; Oregon over Miss State; Michigan State over Temple; Pitt over Oral; Marquette over Kentucky; Stanford over Cornell; St. Mary’s over Miami; Texas over Austin Peay
UCLA over Miss. Valley State; BYU over Texas A&M; Drake over Western Kentucky; Connecticut over San Diego; Purdue over Baylor; Xavier over Georgia; West Virginia over Arizona; Duke over Belmont
Round of 32
UNC over Indiana; Notre Dame over Washington State; St. Joe’s over Louisville; Tennessee over Butler
Kansas over UNLV; Clemson over Siena; USC over Wisconsin; Georgetown over Davidson
Memphis over Oregon; Michigan State over Pitt; Marquette over Stanford; Texas over St. Mary’s
UCLA over BYU; Connecticut over Drake; Xavier over Purdue; Duke over West Virginia
Sweet 16
UNC over Notre Dame; Tennessee over St. Joe’s; Clemson over Kansas; Georgetown over USC; Michigan State over Memphis; Texas over Marquette; UCLA over Connecticut; Xavier over Duke
Elite 8
UNC over Tennessee; Georgetown over Clemson; Texas over Michigan State; UCLA over Xavier
Final Four
UNC over Georgetown; UCLA over Texas
UNC over UCLA, 75-71

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