12 CAA Teams in 12 Days: Delaware

I liken my blog to the NFL Network in that the seasons of Spring and Summer are spent trying to amuse and entertainment both viewers and myself while we all wait for the glorious football days to return.

So I have to think of new things to throw on here that are at least somewhat creative and can help you pass the time while you are doing nothing working. That said, I’ve decided to take an in depth look at each of the teams that comprise the Colonial Athletic Association football conference. I will use my extensive knowledge of each school (i.e. looking them up on Wikipedia and their websites) to give you some general knowledge but hopefully offer tidbits you may not have known about the teams/schools.

To show that I’m not biased toward my alma mater, I will go in alphabetical order starting with the good folks up in Newark. Presenting the first installment of my 12 CAA Teams in 12 days: The University of Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens!

Name: University of Delaware

Nickname: Fighting Blue Hens

Founded: 1743

Students: Approx. 19,000 including Graduates

Located: Newark about 20 minutes west of Wilmington

Colors: Royal Blue and Gold

Mascot: A Hen named YoUDee

Fun Academic Fact: Of the original ten students in the first class in 1743, three of them (George Read, Thomas McKean, and James Smith) would sign the Declaration of Independence.

– The school is known for its business and engineering schools particularly in the fields of chemistry and biochemistry due to the presence of pharmaceutical companies in the state. The university was ranked #10 in engineering by The Princeton Review in 2006.


Head Coach: K.C. Keeler, 6th Year (41-22)

Stadium: Delaware Stadium

Opened in 1952, Delaware Stadium has seen many expansions and is presently at 22,000 capacity which makes it the largest in the CAA. It was recently dubbed “Tubby Raymond Field at Delaware Stadium” to honor their longtime coach Harold “Tubby” Raymond. The games are almost always sold out as Delaware has battled Montana for the highest yearly attendance for several years.

UD also boasts one of the loudest student sections in the conference dubbed “The Cockpit” which sits behind the South Endzone.

The school has won six national titles most recently in 2003 when they clobbered Colgate 40-0. They also have won a record 15 conference titles.

Notable Players:

Mike Adams, Omar Cuff, Mondoe Davis, Jamin Elliott, Joe Flacco, Rich Gannon, Sidney Haugabrook, Joe Minucci, Matt Nagy, Ben Patrick

Joe Flacco

Harold “Tubby” Raymond


Any college football enthusiast will recognize the name Tubby Raymond. He was the face of football in the state of Delaware for 36 seasons racking up an incredible 300 wins and three national championships (1971, 1972, 1979). He also won 14 conference titles. He was enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame in 2003 next to his predecessor, David Nelson and Bill Murray who coached the Hens prior to that making Delaware the only team besides Georgia Tech to have three consecutive coaches enshrined.


Though both Flacco and Cuff have moved on, the University of Delaware should have no problems with competing in the coming season. K.C. Keeler is one of the top recruiting coaches in the land, famously saying “We’re the LSU; we’re the Georgia, the Florida of Division I-AA. We have every resource…everybody wants to come to school here (American Football Monthly).” The Hens should enjoy much success for many years to come.


April 11 – Hofstra

April 14 – James Madison

April 15 – Maine

April 16 – Massachusetts

April 17 – New Hampshire

April 18 – Northeastern

April 21 – Rhode Island

April 22 – Richmond

April 23 – Towson

April 24 – Villanova

April 25 – William & Mary


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